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Why is conflict necessary?


Remember the movie Bio-dome with Pauly Shore (respect the weasel)? No? Yeah, me neither. Anyways, two decades ago, it was a real project just north of Tucson where for two years scientists lived inside a three-acre utopian greenhouse called Biosphere 2. Learnings from biosphere 2 allowed scientists to innovate and come up with new ideas related to the growth of plants etc. One perplexing thing they experienced, however, was that the trees in biosphere 2 grew faster than they would have in the wild. They also found that before these trees would completely mature they would fall over. Why?

(For the answer, or to check yours, click on the anger management tab)


While I can teach you effective, empowering, and expedient ways of using your anger & stress (verses allowing them to use you), that's the easy part. Practicing is the hard part. Are you really ready to put in the effort it will take to change your life? Or maybe all you need is a little fine tuning?

While most people are all too ready to admit that there is 'a problem,' when you're tired of being 'the problem,' call me! 

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