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Anger Management

What the scientists discovered was that there was no wind within the Biosphere. From the moment a plant breaks through the surface of the ground, the movement of air strengthens the plant allowing it to bend while holding firm. Interestingly enough, wind helps trees develop what is called reaction wood or stress wood. This is the paradigm shift that allows us to understand that conflict strengthens us.


The next anger management workshop is December 8th and 15th at Everett Community College. Back to back Saturdays offer 8 and 16 hour options. This class is court approved. For the cost of the workshop see the "Financial Information" page. To register and reserve your spot, email me at dgm@lifemcs.com stating that you want to attend. Then, either pay in advance using a credit card or a PayPal account through PayPal from the "Payment Information" page, or call me and give me your cc info over the phone. If you call, please give me a day and time you are available to receive a call back.



This workshop is for both men and women and is court approved.


If you do not wish to pay in advance, you can show up on the day of the class with cash. However, if the class is full (20 people) you will not be allowed in. Anyone who has paid in advance, or is interested in attending, I will add your email to the list and email everyone the Friday before the class with all of the information you need to know regarding the name of the building and the class room number.

Men, want something sooner? Check out The Good Guy Club tab. The Good Guy Club is an ongoing weekly 1.5 hour emotional regulation / conflict management meeting in Bellevue. Attending weekly meetings will also meet court requirements for an anger management class.


Would it surprise you to hear that anger is not an emotion?

The reason most anger management approaches are ineffective is because they teach that anger is an emotion.

If, for example, anger is an emotion, how am I to control it?

I have three college degrees, I have been working as a therapist for 20 + years, and I have lived life to my current age and I have no idea how to control an emotion. I can modify both my thinking and behavior but if someone told me I needed to control, let's say, my sadness. I would have no idea how to do that. I mean, I just feel it, right?

Here is something else to think about, try being angry and not blaming, not even yourself! Impossible!

So what approach does work?

Here is the key, 'become a student of your anger.'

But what can our anger possibly teach us about ourselves?   

Whether in individual sessions, at one of my monthly Anger to Authenticity workshops, or over coffee,  I can teach you how to use your anger (verses allowing it to use you) so as to:  

  • Increase personal insight,
  • Set AND maintain effective boundaries,
  • Establish supportive relationships,
  • Communicate self-respect, safety, and accountability.


Call or email me to start the process of learning to use your anger instead of continuing to allow it to use you.

Anger to Authenticity workshops at my Bellevue office includes coffee, juice, pastries, water, and snacks.



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