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Couples in Conflict

What is stated most often as the primary issue in relationship conflict?

Communication problems!

However, unless there is a language barrier, or one has a learning disability or speech/hearing impediment, most of us "communicate" just fine.

The central issue is not a communication problem
but rather an honesty problem.

Why are we not being honest with each other? Because we are not being honest with ourselves.

The result of our self-deception ranges from chronic relationship conflict to physical violence.

There are three sources of conflict in any relationship:

1. The conflict person 1 brings into the relationship,
2. The conflict person 2 brings into the relationship, and
3. The conflict caused by the mixing of the two.

           So how do we manage the conflict caused
                       by the mixing of the two?

Regardless of where you believe yourself to be on the continuum of relationship conflict, call or email me to start the process of developing honest and safe relationships.

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