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Helping you to managethe unmanageable

        What I Think

It is this simple to explain. There are two arenas of conflict:

  • Intrapersonal conflict (the conflict within us) and
  • Interpersonal conflict (the conflict between us)

The better able we are in managing the conflict within our heads, the more effective we will be in managing the conflict between us and the world.


While I am licensed within the State of Washington to clinically diagnose and treat individuals, I consider myself a consultant more so than a therapist. 

I help people manage conflict and solve problems.


Our problem is not conflict, as this website's subtitle states,

  •  Conflict is inevitable - Expect it,
  •  Conflict is unavoidable - Plan for it,
  •  Conflict is necessary - Grow through it!


Our problem is the denial of the conflict within us.


Again, I can help you manage your intrapresonal conflict through:

  • gaining insight into your conflict,
  • developing effective plans for growing stronger through your conflict, and
  • making meaningful lifestyle choices & changes that emphasize a commitment to value based boundaries.


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